How to Buy and Activate GAW Miners Hashlet

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How to Buy and Activate GAW Miners Hashlet


Buying a Hashlet from GAW Miners might be one of the best decisions you made in cryptomining.  The process will take longer to document then to actually bring the Hashlet online to start hashing away.


CLICK HERE TO BUY A HASHLET, if you haven’t already purchased a Hashlet.


After you have selected which Hashlet you are going to buy.  Complete the purchase.


You will receive an order confirmation email similar to the one below.

Order confirmation for order


Shortly after the order confirmation email.  You will get a order shipped email.

Shipping confirmation for order


The next email will be one from ZenMiner that has your Hashlet activation codes.

ZenHardware Codes are ready to activate


You have all you need to bring the Hashlet to life!


Log into Zen Miner control panel at  If you do not have Zen Miner account.  Go here to sign up:    **Highly recommended 2-Factor authentication is also setup**


Once you are logged in.  Click on Miners on the left side.


Scroll down till you see the link that says “Redeem Hashlet ZenHardware Code”.  Click the link.


A new window will pop-up.  Add your Hashlet activation code and give your Hashlet a name.  Press “Save”


That is it!  Hashlet is online.  Payout every 24 hours in BTC your Zen Miner account.

Coming soon.  Real payout tracking of my own Hashlets.



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