Google's 2014 Top Trending Searches: The World Mourns Robin Williams, Asks…

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Google's 2014 Top Trending Searches: The World Mourns Robin Williams, Asks…

Google’s Top Ten Trending “What is…?” SearchesWhat is Ebola? What is ALS? What is ISIS? What is Bitcoin? What is Asphyxia? What is Gmaergate? What is WhatsApp? What is MERS? What is Hamas? What is…See all stories on this topic

Russia's desperate move to bolster its currency means sacrificing its economy…

The only asset, and I use that word lightly, that has done worse than the ruble’s 50 percent fall is bitcoin, which is a fake currency that techno-utopians insist is the future we don’t know we want.And…See all stories on this topic

TorrentLocker ransom rampage encrypts 285 million files and counting

…ESET found 570 that had paid the Bitcoin ransom, netting the criminals between $292,700 and $585,401 (£200,000… The average ransom demanded was the Bitcoin equivalent of between £400 and £650.PLEASE NOTE: Your…See all stories on this topic

GOOGLE 'C' : Top Google searches in NYC in 2014 | 4-Traders

What is tryptophan?3. What is ISIS?4. What is Alibaba ?5. What is bitcoin?6. What is POC?7. What is squally?8. What is edamame?9. What is gamification?10. What is quantum?Top-10 News…See all stories on this topic

Robin Williams' suicide tops Google searches for 2014

How to dance   Top 10 What is… Questions for Arizona in 2014   1. What is als 2. What is ebola 3. What is isis 4. What is bitcoin 5. What is love 6. What is tinder? 7. What is Uber 8. What is Snapchat…See all stories on this topic

Mobile Company News | NCR Silver POS system and LevelUp app combined for…

…Research.The LevelUp news follows NCR Silver’s recent acceptance of bitcoin payments and integration with several other mobile payments services such as PayPal™.About LevelUpLevelUp helps merchants own…See all stories on this topic

Digital CC Limited (via noodls) / digitalBTC Payment Products Development…

…accepting the digital currency Bitcoin for digital purchases. Microsoft users will be able to trade-in… In announcing the move to accept Bitcoin, Eric Lockard, corporate vice president of Universal Store…See all stories on this topic

Pirate Bay Admin Not Sure Site Will Be Relaunched

Sure they are both tools, and with any tool it can be used for good or bad.The same stigma is levied on Bitcoin, but as we will see currency free of government control is good for everyone too..Good…See all stories on this topic

…Europe in the Sight of Bitcoin Requesting Ransomware

ESET® research team from Canada has analyzed a widespread case of ransomware generally known as TorrentLocker, which started spreading in early 2014. The latest variant of the malware has infected at least…See all stories on this topic


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