Bitcoin Wallet Provider Blockchain Currently Offline

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Blockchain, the operator of the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet service, is currently offline.

CoinDesk was last able to retrieve data from the site’s API at 05:44 UTC this morning, with a Reddit user noting the issue at around 07:00.

A message on the site’s homepage currently reads: “We will be back shortly. is currently down for maintenance. For status updates please see Twitter. Apologies for any inconvenience.”

A tweet by the company’s Twitter account stated similar information:

Blockchain co-founder Nic Cary told CoinDesk the outage was down to the company “installing some new equipment”, adding that it has been “growing fast” lately.

The company’s outage follows a six-hour period of downtime experienced by global bitcoin marketplace LocalBitcoins earlier this week.

LocalBitcoins’ community manager ‘Max’ said in a post on Reddit the problem was related to server issues: “It seems a server got hung up … We’re about to move to new equipment as the current servers are quite old, sad that they had to crash before we moved.”

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