Bitcoin Mining with BitMinter Mining Pool


For anyone that is new to Bitcoin Mining.  This maybe the best place to start. has made it super easy to to get started in the world of Bitcoin mining.

Bitminter mining client supports Windows, Linux and Mac!

Prerequisites before starting

  1. Have a Bitcoin wallet.
  2. Have a dedicated graphics card that supports OpenCL or Cuda.  CPU mining is not recommended.

ere are the simple steps to get started with Bitminter.

  1. Go to   bitminter.logo
  2. Sign up for an account.
  3. Log into account
  4. After logging in.  You should be able to see the “Auto Cash Out” section.  That is where you decide how much in Bitcoins you want to auto withdraw into your Bitcoin wallet from Bitminter.
  5. Go to “My Account” -> “Donations & Perks”.  Configure donation amount.  Highly recommended to leave the donation amount to its default 1.5%.  Donating 1.5% allows you to not wait to be verified on the Bitcoin network.  This allows you be able to withdraw your Bitcoin(s) sooner from Bitminter.  I think it is only fair since Bitminter has made it so easy to start Bitcoin mining too!
  6. Goto “My Account” -> “Workers”.  Create a worker by assigning a unique name and a password.  Click “add”.  You will need to create a worker for each computer you want to use.
  7. Click on “My Account”.  To launch the Bitcoin mining client, click on starticon.  Once the Bitcoin mining client loads.  You should see bitminter.worker.login
  8. Enter your userid, worker id and worker id password into the Bitcoin mining client and click “Proceed”.  You are now ready to mine.  To start the Bitcoin mining.  Click on “Engine Start” start in the Bitcoin mining client.
    Click and you should see something like this: bitminter.screenshot
  9. Let the Bitcoins accumulate as you mine!


If you are concerned about the integrity of integrety on giving out your mined share fairly.  Click here to view a detailed audit on the mining pool.