Arizona’s Proposed Blockchain Gun Tracking Ban Pushes Ahead

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An effort to prohibit the tracking of guns using blockchain technology in Arizona is gaining steam.

As CoinDesk reported earlier this month, an Arizona lawmaker is looking to prevent most forms of electronic firearm tracing that would include the use of a distributed ledger.

Exemptions for law enforcement aside, the effort is, in a way, a bid to cut short a potential use case of the tech – at least in the southwestern US state. The concept, put forward by technologists in the blockchain space, is to track guns using a blockchain, creating a history of transactions that records each time a gun is fired, for example.

Public records indicate that state lawmakers have now taken the measure forward.

The bill, HB 2216, cleared the Arizona House of Representatives by a 34-25 vote, with one no-vote and no abstentions. The bill has since moved to the Senate, where it awaits further consideration. And while the Senate is its own separate chamber, its makeup – with a Republican majority, like the House – indicates that the measure will likely garner support among lawmakers.

The advancement of the measure further demonstrates a growing trend within US state legislatures to act on bitcoin and blockchain issues.

Lawmakers in North Dakota and New Hampshire are weighing changes to their respective state statutes. Meanwhile, a concurrent measure in the Arizona legislature focused on blockchain-based smart contracts has been submitted.

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