My name is Dat.  I have been tinkering with electronics, programming, computer networking and computers for so long I can’t even remember when I started.  I got started with computers when my parents would take me to the local library on weekends.  I ended up spending most of that time on an Acorn BBC Mircro playing Pirates Adventure and Logo.  I was suppose to be reading but found tinkering with the computers more interesting.

My fist video game system was a ColecoVision and my first computer our household owned was a Magnavox 386dx(we splurged for the math co-processor).  Through all levels of schooling I focused on Math and Computer Programming.  Even today, I work in the IT industry and still love technology as much as the days of the ColecoVision and Magnavox 386dx.  Enough about my boring personal life.

I just wanted to provide a bit of background on when I started and I have seen things progress in the world of technology.


What is BitcoinMiningReview.com about?

I have been watching the phenomenon of Bitcoin’s since early 2010.  Due to my limited understanding of how currency worked and the complications of regulations on most fiat currencies.  I thought Bitcoin’s would not survive long enough for mass acceptance.  I also thought Bitcoin’s were a scam of some sort.  Obviously I was wrong and Bitcoin’s hung around gaining traction at an amazing rate.  Time will tell if this was some sort of scam or prank and if it is, well done!


Back to the question.  I want to provide information on a real common question I get.  “What is Bitcoin mining?” and “How do you mine Bitcoins?”  There are some great resources on using GPU’s to mine Bitcoins, I will provide limited coverage on that aspect.  Since we are at a point where Bitcoin’s are getting some dedicated mining ASICS, I want to provide information on ASIC mining equipment for anyone to learn and innovate from.


One last note.  I have a terrible habit of overclocking or physical modifying everything I own to improve performance.  Let the fun begin!