5 Strengths of Promotional Products


It’s not uncommon that business and marketing professionals put promotional products below the television and radio advertising on their list of importance. However, the strengths of promotional products often outweigh the strengths of these other more common forms of advertising. Listed below are the 5 major strengths of promotional products in an advertising campaign.

1. It’s Targeted

Your promotional product goes only where you want it to go and there is little to no waste. You control whether you distribute your message directly to schools, businesses, chiropractors, children, etc. With this premium benefit, you can be very specific with the message you intend to deliver.

2. Long Term Advertising Value

Your promotional item can continue promoting a company for years after it’s been delivered. Radio and TV commercials are only seconds in length. Newspapers and magazines are discarded as soon as they are considered old, which can be monthly, weekly or even daily! A useful promotional product can last as long as you drink coffee, or as long as you’re a size medium.

3. Creative Impact

With so many item options, creative possibilities are endless. Consider receiving a party invitation on a mylar helium balloon which rises out of a gift box when opened. To stimulate other senses, what about a scented ink pen that smells like the promoted product, such as fine leather or citrus, or a chocolate award plaque which suggests the beautiful taste of success, or an audio tape with music and a message thanking a client for their business?

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4. Creates Goodwill

When used correctly to show appreciation, a promotional item can create goodwill every time the recipient views it. The word “free” is one of the most powerful words in copywriting. Recent research supports the notion that goodwill results in repeat purchases, loyalty, and recommending the product to their peers. For example, studies through Baylor University have shown that an ad specialty item

delivered with a thank-you letter can outperform a thank-you letter alone by as much as 34% in improving customers’ notions toward a company’s sales reps and as much as 52% in improving general feelings about a business and its sales reps.

5. The Endorsement Aspect

When someone uses a promotional product it indicates that the person has a favorable working relationship with that company, thus implying that they endorse it. Put your product and message in the hands of influential people and you’ve developed a branded street team!

Source by Matt Browning


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